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Annotated bibliography produced by Makis Solomos.
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Monographic studies
(in alphabetical order)

books, doctoral theses and collective works (issues of journals, conference proceedings, collective books ...) entirely devoted to Xenakis.

(in alphabetical order)

articles (journals, conference proceedings , collective books ...), web pages, memories master entirely devoted to Xenakis or a significant part is devoted, books or dissertations which a large part is devoted to Xenakis .

Texts partially devoted to Xenakis
(in alphabetical order)


a) reviews concerts, books or records ( except for those published in newspapers ) ;
b) the articles or books Referring briefly to Xenakis ;
c) short notes of dictionaries stories of the same music so entirely on Xenakis ;
d) kits recordings of works by Xenakis ;
e) newspaper articles.